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IntraCrew is an employee directory software that allows people in your organization to find each other or connect them with people and information that empowers their work.


A SaaS Solution for Real Estate agents/brokers across the globe. This is an in-house product we are working on which has end-to-end features for the real estate market (Custom website, CRM Dashboards and Mobile app). We are also showcasing this at the REimagine expo. REimagine is the premier tradeshow for California's real estate industry.

ShopProp Webapp

Online Real Estate Platform for US (Dashboard and other features are available after sign up only).


A Team Of Passionate Innovators For us, building a software is not just coding. We break it down to numerous tasks: understanding the need, decisions—strategic, technical, design, user experience etc. We aim to become the experts at product development by assisting you in building the software by making the best choices as per the need of your users.

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